Reducing vehicle fatalities is every roadway transportation agency’s goal. However, there has been an increase in fatalities in Nevada in the last year. This spring, the Nevada LTAP is challenging local agencies to reverse the trend. Our challenge is to see every agency take one safety training. By doing so, we hope to advance local agency personnel’s knowledge of safety prevention measures to keep workers and drivers safe.

Ready to take the challenge? Here’s how to do it:

  1. Sign up for any one of the classes below.
  2. If it’s an NVLTAP hosted class, we’ll keep a tally of participants per agency and record on this page.
  3. If it’s an FHWA or other organization’s training, send an email to Tracey ( and let her know the name of the training. If it’s 2+ hours, you can also send a description and certificate to get a Road Scholar elective credit!

Safety Trainings on Offer

Workplace Safety

Road Safety