The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) recently initiated the Mentoring, Assistance, Training, and Communication Help (MATCH) Program to provide free, broad-based technical assistance to local and tribal agencies facing roadway safety challenges. The program connects agencies requesting assistance with volunteers that have specific expertise to help successfully address the identified challenges.

Local and tribal roads are diverse in terms of location, infrastructure, operations, and safety concerns and can benefit from learning about strategies to address safety concerns from others who have encountered and mitigated similar challenges on similar roads. All local and tribal agencies are eligible to apply for technical assistance by a Mentor, but requests must be submitted directly by a public agency.  Public agency transportation safety professionals who have specific expertise related to local or tribal road safety can serve as Mentors.

Technical assistance through MATCH is always free. Mentoring can be provided in the form of phone calls, email exchanges, web‐conferences, or site visits (on a limited basis), based on the requesting agency’s needs.

Please visit for more information about the MATCH Program and how to apply for free technical assistance, as well as how to apply to be a Mentor. Contact with any questions.