Nevada LTAP is excited to announce the publication of our new website and blog.  Our goal is to provide the Nevada transportation community with up-to-date news on our programs, classes and other learning opportunities in Nevada and the surrounding states.  We have a calendar providing dates and times of future courses, announcements of webinars and on-line learning opportunities, news of Road Scholar graduates and announcements of upcoming meetings and events.  All of this to get more dialogue among agencies and to encourage a culture of lifelong-learning in the state.

Our first issue has a preliminary class schedule for September,  October, November and December.  We will continue to emphasize Road Scholar courses, bringing classes which have not been offered recently.  You have told us that staff turnover requires a continuous repeat of these courses to keep skill sets at their highest levels.

Our advisory board is comprised of local agency personnel, NDOT and FHWA.  The board meets to discuss needs of their agencies and suggest improvements and opportunities for learning as well as acting as liaisons between the community and LTAP.  If you have comments or suggestions for our programs, please contact us.  We look forward to talking with you and working together to make Nevada’s roads the best they can be.