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Utilize Value Capture Strategies to Leverage Federal Dollars and Stimulate non-Federal Investments. Value capture refers to a toolbox of strategies used by public agencies to recover a portion of the value generated by public infrastructure investments. Investment in public infrastructure like transportation increase property values, attract private investments, create jobs, and build strong communities. Using value capture strategies, a part of this created value can be recovered in the form of revenue. The revenue generated can help finance the initial transportation improvement, or it can go toward future transportation investments, spurring a new round of increased accessibility and higher property values, or leveraging Federal Innovative Finance Programs as well as meet the IIJA Federal fund matching requirements. Value capture also promotes partnerships among the Federal, State, local, regional, tribal governments, and the private sector is the underpinning of the value capture initiative and has proven successes. Value capture has funded projects to provide safe spaces for walking and biking, save money, reduce crashes and injuries, and improve economic outcomes. It has allowed residents to safely walk, bike, drive, and take public transit around their cities and creates transportation networks to ensure that all residents have safe, convenient ways of getting around and staying active.

Are you looking for funding to complete your street initiative, improve your infrastructure condition, safety enhancements, or matching State and Federal grants? Interested in funding and financing strategies for a needed transportation infrastructure program of projects in your community? Do you need a stronger understanding of how to pair value capture strategies with Federal resources? Are you interested in learning how other transportation agencies capitalize on the value created by transportation investments?

Join us in January 19th, 2023 to learn more about value capture strategies and Federal resources, including case studies that are being implemented by lead agencies. The objective is to build capacity for consideration and implementation of revenue options and value capture tools as part of a mix of funding and financing strategies in long-range plans. After successfully completing this webinar, participants will understand the benefits and applicability of value capture mechanisms to accelerate project delivery, non-Federal matching opportunities, pairing with Federal Innovative Finance, and getting the project off the ground. Register today!