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Nevada LTAP hosts this four-day virtual course (7:30–11 am PT), free to local agencies, from February 22 to 25, 2021.

National Highway Institute (NHI) 131139 introduces asphalt pavement construction best practices, from the importance of understanding project administration roles and responsibilities to the most vital elements of laydown operations and compaction. Participants learn contract administration techniques, recognize proper construction practices, identify construction issues and their source, determine the impact of construction issues on performance, and select communication strategies for contractors, consultants, and superiors. They can then apply the knowledge and skills to maximize quality on construction projects.

The importance of a proactive approach to managing and inspecting construction projects is emphasized at every stage. This includes quickly addressing problems, implementing corrective actions, and documenting communications between the agency and contractor.

This course is eligible as a substitute for the NVLTAP Road Scholar elective course, Asphalt Paving Technology & Maintenance.

Who Should Attend

This course is designed for participants who ensure a project is built to the owner’s specifications. Participants can be relatively new to asphalt or general project inspection. Participants with broader experience can also take the course to learn about innovative asphalt pavement construction technologies, participate in class discussions, and share successful practices. The primary audience are local agency inspectors involved in the preconstruction, construction, and review of asphalt paving projects. Multi-district or region attendance is encouraged to get a broader range of perspectives and ideas.


Greg Duncan is a Senior Engineer at APTech. He manages the Spokane, Washington office and has 28 years of transportation engineering experience in the areas of pavement materials, construction, and roadway maintenance. He has a proven track record of providing policy leadership within Tennessee and participating in the national dialogue for the advancement of transportation operations, performance-based maintenance management, and cost-effective pavement preservation.

Jason Dietz has worked for the FHWA for 24 years in various field-engineering positions and now works with the Pavement and Materials Technical Services Team at the FHWA Resource Center. Prior to joining FHWA he worked for five years as a consultant on various construction projects. Jason obtained his Bachelor of Science and Master of Science degrees in Civil Engineering from the University of Nevada.


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