Pavement Preservation Concentration

Maintaining and preserving roadways is one of a local agency’s most critical jobs. It requires striking a balance between the agency’s roadway network goals, resource availability, and stakeholder expectations.

A successful preservation program allows an agency to make the best use of its resources and extend the life of the pavement. The Pavement Preservation Concentration supports development of a successful preservation program. It does so by teaching important decision-making concepts and practices. Skills developed during this module include:

  • Interpreting pavement information to identify appropriate preservation candidates.
  • Selecting the right treatment at the right time for pavement.
  • Identifying design, construction, and inspection practices that result in quality treatment construction.

The Pavement Preservation Concentration requires completion of the following courses. By taking these courses, you are meeting many of the requirements of the overall Road Scholar program.

Students who complete the concentration receive a certificate of accomplishment.