Pavement Preservation Concentration

Maintaining and preserving roadways is one of a local agency’s most critical jobs. It requires striking a balance between the agency’s roadway network goals, resource availability, and stakeholder expectations.

A successful preservation program allows an agency to make the best use of its resources and extend the life of the pavement. The Pavement Preservation Concentration supports development of a successful preservation program. It does so by teaching important decision-making concepts and practices. Skills developed during this module include:

  • Interpreting pavement information to identify appropriate preservation candidates.
  • Selecting the right treatment at the right time for pavement.
  • Identifying design, construction, and inspection practices that result in quality treatment construction.

The Pavement Preservation Concentration requires completion of the following courses.

A certificate is issued upon completion of the courses. Completion of these courses also satisfies the Road Scholar program's elective requirements.