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This course is divided into 3 stand-alone modules. You may choose to attend just one or all three.

Course C: Applying and Inspecting Pavement Markings

Topics: Planning and documenting the project; Surface preparation; Inspection of pavement markings; Contracting out the work; Hot topics and news

Learning Outcomes

  • Locate and apply pavement marking specifications and standards within a variety of local, state, and federal documents.
  • Explore successful practices for installing, replacing, and upgrading permanent or temporary pavement markings.
  • Identify critical inspection points when installing pavement markings, and explain the local, state, or federal protocols that may be used in your agency.
  • List advantages and disadvantages of using contractors for pavement marking work.
  • Compile a list of important considerations for specifying pavement marking work.
  • Using given resources, determine whether pavement marking application examples were “good” or “bad,” and identify what should have been done to improve the “bad.”

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