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This course is divided into 3 stand-alone modules. You may choose to attend just one or all three.

Course B: Selecting the Right Materials and Preparing to Apply Pavement Markings 

Topics: How to select the right materials; Pre-application inspections; Removing old markings; Preparing for traffic control; Pavement Marking Management programs

Learning Outcomes

  • Locate and apply pavement marking specifications and standards within a variety of local, state, and federal documents.
  • State the criteria for selecting a pavement marking material.
  • List important pre-application procedures for five common marking materials.
  • Describe removal practices for older pavement markings.
  • Compile a pre-application inspection checklist.
  • Identify traffic control procedures and enhancements suited to striping projects.
  • Explain the importance of a pavement marking management system.

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