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Webinar #2 Drainage Policy/Ditches:

  1. Policies and Procedures
  2. Wetlands Issues and Erosion Control
  3. Types of Ditches
  4. Ditch Construction
  5. Ditch Maintenance

This three session course emphasizes the importance of understanding and managing surface and ground water drainage as it relates to transportation infrastructure. The discussion will address the effects of water on roadway systems, problems caused by improper drainage, and practical approaches to managing these problems. A basic overview of various types of drainage facilities–ranging from ditches, culverts, storm sewers and underdrains–is provided.

This course is applicable to local agency employees and others who are responsible for managing and maintaining roadway systems. Please note: this introductory-level course provides a basic review of road drainage fundamentals. Persons who are looking for advanced training are encouraged to consider some of the hydraulics-related courses offered by the National Highway Institute (NHI).