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Drainage is one of the key asset classifications that transportation system owners are expected to maintain. The condition of drainage features and structures may deteriorate over time due to erosion and sediment buildup. Drainage maintenance is critical for extending the life of pavements, as drainage assets control water flow along maintainable pathways. Routine inspection of drainage systems identifies needed maintenance and lessens the potential for flooding. This includes inspections of shoulder, ditches, and pipes and culverts.

This 2-hour virtual training teaches you to manage drainage systems effectively and efficiently by explaining:

  • What types of drainage assets need to be inspected.
  • What information is collected during an inspection.
  • How to determine if the condition requires a critical, major, or routine maintenance response.
  • What treatments are appropriate, given the type of drainage asset and its current condition.

The training follows the guidelines and structure of the Federal Highway Administration’s Maintenance of Drainage Features for Safety.