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States and local governments are challenged to address their aging infrastructure with limited resources. Evaluating the effectiveness of existing revenue sources, taking advantage of the most current Federal programs, and exploring the potential of new revenue sources can lead to an increase in available funding. However, finding ways to maximize the spending power of the revenue collected is equally important by delivering economies of scale through bridge/project bundling. Many infrastructure assets are too small on an individual basis to attract the attention of bidders or investors. A solution to this problem is an asset bundling contract. There is not a one-size-fits-all approach to project bundling. To develop the best funding and financing strategy for bridge bundling within a particular State and locality, it is essential for agencies to understand the application of each tool and to work collaboratively to pair the right project with the right tools. Utilize bridge/project bundling strategies to meet the requirement threshold which addresses the growing need of aging infrastructure in a way that can expedite project delivery, reduce costs, and improve contracting efficiency.

Project bundling has proven success and happens across agencies. States may lead the bundled projects with local agency participation or local agencies may bundle projects with other local agencies. For example, the San Francisco Bay Area Metropolitan Transportation Commission is encouraging member agencies to bundle paving projects to expand treatment options not feasible in small quantities.

Join us in February 22nd, 2023 at 10:00-12:00 PT to learn about implementing the nation’s infrastructure through Innovative Financing and bridge/project bundling project delivery. The webinar features experts on how Innovative Finance approaches are used to advance bridge/project bundling projects. How can smaller projects be effectively bundled together to create projects that are more attractive bidders, meet Federal requirement thresholds, quickly improve the infrastructure condition, and expedite project delivery, reduce costs, and improve contracting efficiency? How best do we capture efficiencies and encourage collaboration in cross jurisdictional infrastructure projects?

Space is limited so you must register to reserve your space. Register today for the Value Capture Strategies: Innovative Finance and Project Bundling. Experts will present case studies demonstrating how all project bundling methods have been strategically used Innovative funding and financing approaches can be leveraged to potentially improve project efficiencies, reduce costs, enhance delivery timeframes and free constrained public resources for other priorities and projects. Register today!

TARGET AUDIENCE: This webinar series is intended for States, cities, counties, tribes, and metropolitan and rural transportation professionals looking for innovative funding and financial strategies to pay for transportation projects. anyone involved in development or administration of value capture techniques is welcomed.