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The Liquids Workshop is always one of the most popular programs presented at the SNOW Conference. The experts who created this program are now offering the entire program virtually. If you’ve missed the opportunity to attend this workshop at SNOW, or if you want to retake it to freshen up, this is your chance. Using liquids in your winter maintenance operations has several benefits. Agencies have found that their total use of materials, particularly salt, has been significantly reduced. In addition, using liquids provides significant cost savings, and experience has shown that liquids provide better safety and improved levels of service than more traditional approaches. This webinar will explore in detail why liquids are being used in winter maintenance operations and brine making, the storage of liquid materials, the systems needed to transfer liquids from storage to trucks, and the equipment needed to store and deliver liquids from the trucks to the road. The speakers will discuss the use of liquid-only routes, where agencies have had great success using liquids before and all through the storm, and how liquids can be used with solids to handle difficult accumulations of snow and ice. The speakers will also discuss typical application rates, how those rates vary depending on the type of storm and pursued strategies, and what you should expect in terms of outcomes when using liquids in these ways.