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This CTAP workshop helps determine the correct chemical and proper application rates based on the weather and pavement temperature for using salt and sand most effectively. Participants will learn that, in some cases, using less material can improve the level of service. Various anti-icing and deicing chemicals will be discussed, focusing on how they work, application rates, costs, and storage issues. Participants will also learn how anti-icing and prewetting can reduce the amount of salt used while improving the level of service. Using this training can help you reduce environmental impacts of road maintenance while maintaining safety.

Topics Covered
• Quantifiable performance measures
• Minimizing environmental impacts/sustainability
• How deicers work
• Technology and innovation

This CTAP training includes a portion of the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency snow and ice control training. A voluntary test and certificate are offered and administered by MPCA. The CTAP and LTAP programs are not responsible for the MPCA certificate program.