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It is widely acknowledged that early detection of material damage and timely rehabilitation could lead to a significant reduction in the life-cycle cost of asphalt pavements. This webinar will highlight University of Minnesota research investigating the capabilities of graphite nanoplatelet (GNP)-taconite modified asphalt materials in damage detection and healing.

The presentation will feature two research components:

–The application of GNP-taconite modified asphalt materials for damage detection using electrical conductivity. Findings show that, as compared to conventional asphalt materials, the modified materials exhibit an improved electrical conductivity due to the electron hopping mechanism.

–The damage-healing capability of GNP-taconite modified asphalt materials upon microwave heating. Research shows that the modified materials can effectively absorb the heat generated by the microwave, and the rising temperature can effectively heal the microcracks in the binder.

This webinar will be held in conjunction with a meeting of the CTS Transportation Infrastructure Research Council.