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Using Mycofiltration Treatment for Stormwater Management

Thursday, June 15, 2023 • 2:00pm

Join us for this enlightening webinar that delves into the potential of mycofiltration, an emerging, low-cost technology for stormwater management. Utilizing mycelium (fungal webs) as biological filters within organic matter and soil substrates, mycofiltration may significantly improve water quality within MassDOT transportation projects.

We’ll highlight a research project aimed at defining mycofiltration treatment design, operational parameters, and its integration into MassDOT’s Best Management Practices. Key discussion points will include a review of the relevant literature, identification of suitable project types for mycofiltration implementation, and a cost analysis of materials, installation, and maintenance.

Kate Kennen – Offshoots, Inc.
Robbin Bergfors – MassDOT

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