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Do you know how to do your job in a way that minimizes liability for yourself and the agency? Join this class to discover practical tips for every level of the organization.

This instructor-led virtual workshop introduces essential components of tort liability and risk management to transportation workers. In three 2-hour sessions you will increase your knowledge of assessing and managing the risk of tort liability, considering negligence, documenting your work, and preparing for court if necessary.

You will explore a variety of scenarios and case studies in this highly engaging and interactive class. Claims and lawsuit case studies include traffic control devices, work zones, roadside conditions, roadway design, and pedestrian incidents.

By the end of the course, you will be able to:

  1. Explain the implications of tort liability risk for roadway agencies.

(Key topics: tort, duty, reasonableness, standard of care, negligence, and the four elements necessary for tort action to proceed to trial)

  1. Describe the elements of the tort liability process.

(Key topics: discovery, depositions, steps in a trial, and handling contacts from outside the agency)

  1. Identify at least five common roadway and pedestrian hazards and propose countermeasures for each hazard.

(Key topics: tort liability risk, enterprise-wide strategies, personal responsibility and strategies, and risk reduction techniques)

This training is recommended for transportation agency personnel who need to manage risk and may be involved in legal proceedings. This can include:

  • State and local roadway engineers and technicians involved in design, construction, traffic operations, and maintenance.
  • Public works directors.
  • Roadway maintenance foremen and supervisors.
  • Elected officials.

Keeping Your Agency (and You) Out of Court is a required course of the Road Scholar Program.