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This first webinar will address how can local agencies benefit from UHPC P&R strategies? This venue will provide local agencies unfamiliar with UHPC an opportunity to learn how they can incorporate it into their P&R toolbox by bringing together a variety of experienced local agencies to share their successful experiences implementing UHPC for bridge P&R projects.

Dr. Zachary Haber, PhD (FHWA) will kick off the webinar with a presentation focused on how local agencies can cost-effectively implement UHPC for bridge P&R by leveraging the resources that are available to them.

Professor Sherif El-Tawil from the University of Michigan will follow with a discussion on proprietary versus non-proprietary UHPC including a discussion on UHPC sourcing and material costs. Three case studies will then be presented by local agencies that have successfully implemented UHPC for bridge P&R. A representative from each agency will briefly discuss the details of their project, reasons for choosing UHPC versus other alternatives, and lessons learned.

The local agencies include:

  • St. Clair County, Michigan
  • Buchanan County, Iowa
  • Butler County, Pennsylvania

The workshop will end with a panel discussion. The goal of the panel discussion is to provide the audience an opportunity to ask questions and engage with our experienced panelists.