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The FHWA will present an eight-part webinar series on the EDC-6 Implementation Initiative for Digital As-Builts (DABs). The all-encompassing webinar series is design to increase overall understanding of DABs and how to advance their implementation, demonstrate practical benefits, address barriers to DABs implementation, showcase practical solutions, and establish DABs best practices.

  • Building blocks of DABs
  • Benefits and opportunities
  • Processes for implementing and institutionalizing DABs
  • Standard practices, policies, and best practices

Mainstream Digital As-Builts: Statewide and Programmatic

The webinar will explore the institutional, programmatic, organizational and technological aspects, such as advancing DAB statewide, essential/secondary uses, specifications/requirements, data integrations/exchanges, common data environment /information and communication technology (ICT) systems, standards/policies, data management /governance, quality management and overcoming challenges/gaps to facilitate the expansion, standardization and full implementation of DABs. The speakers will highlight various issues and potential strategies to address them.