You know the risks that your job poses. But do you know how to manage those risks and do your job in a way that minimizes liability for yourself and the agency?

This web conference provides an overview of the legal duties and responsibilities of roadway personnel from a risk management standpoint. The information presented includes:

  • Key legal concepts and processes relating to the liability of roadway agencies.
  • Common types of claims and lawsuits brought against street departments and highway agencies.
  • Claims and lawsuit examples and case studies involving traffic control devices, work zones, winter maintenance, roadway and shoulder surface conditions, sight distance and pedestrian incidents.
  • Risk management principles and activities that reduce and prevent crashes and claims and help agencies defend claims.

Specific topics include elements of a tort claim, agency and employee liability, tort claims process, depositions and defenses to tort liability.

Who Should Attend

This training is recommended for transportation agency personnel who need to manage risk and may be involved in legal proceedings. This can include:

  • State and local roadway engineers and technicians involved in design, construction, traffic operations, and maintenance.
  • Public works directors.
  • Roadway maintenance foremen and supervisors.
  • Elected officials.

Keeping You & Your Agency Out of Court is a required course of the Road Scholar Program.


Dr. Ronald W. Eck, P.E. is Professor Emeritus of Civil Engineering at West Virginia University and former Director of the West Virginia LTAP Center. He currently serves as Senior Adviser with the WV LTAP Center. Ron’s career has focused on traffic engineering and roadway safety. He has been involved in forensic engineering matters for 40 years and has testified in roadway cases in 20 states.


Click here to register. This 3-day web conference is being held February 9–11 (9:00-11:00 am PT).

This course is offered free of charge, but participants must still register to reserve a seat.

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